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President and Treasurer

Kalil Khan



Vice President

Abdul Wahid Khan




Khalid Hamden


Brahim Ouaami


Mubasher Choudhry







Kalil Khan was born on April 21st, 1944 in Port Mourant, British Guiana. Education was a major focus in Kalil's life, as a child he was educated under the British style of education. Later he went on and wrote examinations prescribed by the University of Cambridge, affiliated with University of Oxford in London. 


Kalil took education to the next level with his move to the United States on May 17, 1970. He immediately enrolled in a chemical and dyeing program and after graduation he worked in several dying and finishing plants as a colorist. He eventually went to work for Lion Ribbon Company in 1976, which became Offray Ribbon Company. Kalil was very instrumental in bringing Offray plant from Secaucus, NJ to Danville, VA in 1993, which at one point employed more than 250 people.


Kahlil has 40 years experience working in the textile industry. In that time he has held the title of Distribution Manager at Lion Ribbon, Offray Ribbon, Dan River and Best Textiles. In 2010 he retired with the departure of Best Textiles from Danville Virginia.


Aside from his educational and employment accomplishments, Kalil is also proud of his personal accomplishments. Kalil cerebrates a 45 year marriage to Gloria Khan which he describes as a happy experience. He is also the father of five children and blessed with eleven grandchildren. 


Kalil has used his retirement as an opportunity to concentrate on "Faces of Our Children" an organization for sickle cell disease awareness where he serves as Assistant Virginia Coordinator. He is also an avid advisor for the Danville masjid and Islamic center.

259 Piney Forest Road, Danville, VA 24540


Web site adminstrator:

Muhammad Satti



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